About Us

Thank you for visiting our website (Mychildmyschool.com). Mychildmyschool.com is not a profit-making commercial website, it’s a movement to bring more transparency to our education system. It’s a movement to empower our parents, students, and educators at the same time.

This website is for you if -

1. You are a parent looking to

a. Relocate from city one to city two.

b. Move your child from school one to school two.

c. Search for a special skill/facility provided or language to be taught by the school.

2. You are a student looking to

a. Graduate to the next level from middle school to high school or similar.

b. Weigh in what is the best thing offered to you in your school compared to other schools.

c. Provide constructive feedback about your school to the world.

3. You are an educator looking to

a. Analyze what best you are missing to offer to your students.

b. Improve your performance compared to other schools and/or as per students’ feedback.

c. Switch your career from one school to another.

Mychildmyschool.com provides opportunities for all the schools and educational institutions to provide their information and comments/ feedback so that their organization can be best represented for the wider community and the whole world. If your institution teaches from anywhere pre-school to grade 12 th you are most welcome to provide your information. It does not matter if your school caters to the need of any special country, community, privileged group, age-group, region, language, gender, race, religion, faith, cast, reserved category, or any other possible diverse group. We believe that diversity in education is the only way to enrich it and to take it to the next level.

It’s your responsibility to provide correct, appropriate, and relevant information about your organization. As long as you can prove the physical existence of your organization you are most welcome to provide as much as details you would like to Mychildmyschool.com.

Mychildmyschool.com only welcomes relevant and productive information about the educational institution. Any real or remotely negative contents, derogatory remarks and/or biased contents will be either blocked from being added or automatically deleted without any prior notice. We want to provide a healthy virtual space where positive and helpful conversations regarding our current education system take place. Through this platform, we invite you as a parent to help other parents, as students to help other students and as an educator to help other educators in achieving a better education goals and career for our kids.

The contents of this website are user generated therefore we cannot guarantee or take ownership for anything that is not deemed correct or reliable beyond certain extent. If you find any information provided on the website Mychildmyschool.com offensive, incorrect, or hurtful please flag it and report to us as soon as possible. We will verify it and correct it as needed.

Lastly, if you want to contribute to Mychildmyschool.com through your suggestions, write-ups, videos, lectures, or any other possible education resource that you think will benefit other parents, students and educators please let us know. Please ensure that you are the copyright holder or the intellectual property owner for the content you want to publish or share with Mychildmyschool.com.

Thank you again for visiting Mychildmyschool.com and becoming a partner in making our education system more transparent and responsive.

Best Regards!