Our Goal

The only goal that MyChildMySchool.com has is to empower the parents, students, and educators by bringing more transparency in our educational systems. We have seen parents who move from one city to another struggling to identify the right school for their children or students who search for a new school for any valid reason and likewise the educators or librarians, or sports faculties, or Art teachers or anyone else inducing the book publishers, retailers, school supply vendors not able to get the correct information which can ultimately help our students and teachers but also to many other related parties.

Therefore MyChildMySchool.com wants to provide a common platform for every individual who plays any role in our education system.

There are many technology partners, non-governmental organizations, other non-profit agencies, doners, financial aid providers and scholarships helps which are always in search for a right institution to collaborate with. MyChildMySchool.com is an effort to bring all these stakeholders closer to each other which will eventually help our parents and students.

MyChildMySchool.com is not a social media platform to express one’s feelings or to post a job or to sell anything. It’s a resources rich interface to facilitate the productive interaction between all the parties involved in our educational system.

MyChildMySchool.com is a brand-new concept and therefore its open for suggestions and improvements.

Now its your turn to become part of this goal of making our parents, students, and educators more empowered. Do not wait to provide your input. All it takes is your one valid email address.

Business Model

MyChildMySchool.com wants to provide a space where the owners of the schools can provide information about their schools. And also, those who are not the legal owners of the school but can represent the school as a board member, administrators, staffs, teachers, academicians, parents or the students they can also provide the information about their schools.

Also, as an ex-colleague, alumni, parent/guardian of an alumni you are most welcome to provide the information about the school or other educational institution as long as it’s not misleading or creating a negative perception for any entity.

MyChildMySchool.com is not here to promote or malign any school or the educational institution. Under no circumstances MyChildMySchool.com is getting any direct or indirect revenue/funding from any educational institution now or in future whatsoever it may be. In order to meet our operating expenses, we will sell now or in future some ad spaces to retailers, vendors or technology partners without compromising with the integrity of MyChildMySchool.com will not sell your data or reuse it for another purpose unless explicit permission is provided by you.

As an end user to MyChildMySchool.com, you only need to provide your name and valid email address to authenticate you. With regard to the information provided about the school or the educational institution they are user generated and as a user its important that you mention your relationship correctly before you provide the information about the school or so.

You can choose to display your name or remain anonymous to the world but MyChildMySchool.com will still require you to provide the minimally required details about you. We want to ensure that MyChildMySchool.com is not hijacked by unwanted internet bots or bad actors who do not share same concerns regarding our education system as us.