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MyChildMySchool is not a profit-making organization. We are here to contribute towards the betterment of our educational system. We want to make it clear that we are absolutely not here to support any political or religious identities. We are here to promote independent thinking, creativity, research mindset and scientific temperament in our society locally and globally. We are here to encourage the diversity of thoughts and practices. We want to contribute towards mutual co-existence and respect for the entirety of mankind unconditionally. We know that we cannot build Rome in one day, but we want to fuel the awakening of responsible citizens towards improving our educational systems.

When Neil Armstrong said, “One step for man, one giant leap for mankind” he addressed the entire humanity and that’s exactly what we want to talk about. MyChildMySchool is a small drop in the ocean of multitudes of varieties, flavors, shapes, sizes, aspirations, and goals that can possibly ever exist in our world. MyChildMySchool does not claim to fit all these differences in one size box, but MyChildMySchool wants to bring more transparency and empowerment for our audiences. MyChildMySchool wants to add a bit of democracy to our education system. And therefore, MyChildMySchool asks for your support. There are many ways you can support this mission as outlined below.

  • Be an active user of the website with your valuable comments/remarks for your school of interest.
  • Add the information about the school that you think is missing on this website without disclosing any information that is not publicly available.
  • Be an active user of the website and report/flag the contents anywhere on this website that you think is not up to the best of its standards.
  • Give us your precious suggestions, advice and genuine concerns or complains which will help MyChildMySchool improve its services and support.
  • Become the contributor for this website by providing your original write-ups. articles, videos, podcasts, and other creative works which can help.
    • a.Improving our educational system,
    • b. Empowering our schoolteachers,
    • c. Guiding our school management and boards
    • d. Educating our school going children from elementary to high/Intermediate grades
    • e. Assisting our parents in selecting the right school for their children
    • f. Policy makers in crafting the correct policies for our educational needs.
    You Can connect with MyChildMySchool thru the following means.

    1. Create your profile to add your comments/remarks.

    2. Add the profile of your school of interest.

    3. Drop an email MyChildMySchool Email address.

    4. Use the phone lines to reach out to MyChildMySchool for anything that needs urgent attention.
    1 (877) 899-1055

    5. Use MyChildMySchool Chat feature to talk to us.

    6. Connect with us through social media channels.


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Let us talk, my friend! This is your place to share with us how we can improve our education system. How we can utilize this platform to bring more transparency in our education. What you are seeing is just the beginning. Together we can do so much more!